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Memory leak of pOccDialogInfo when using CFormView in MFC

I am having a little investigaion on the Webbrowser control these days. I wrote a view class similar to the CHtmlView. The class is derived from the CFormView, and the Webbrowser control is created in the form. However, there is a memory leak reported for each instance of the view class. From the run log, the leaked memroy was allocated in the viewform.cpp file... (Full Article)

Capturing and tracking mouse click events in CHtmlView or Webbrowser control

It is often necessary to capture certain object events when dispalying webpages using CHtmlView or Webbrowser controls, so that the webpage display can be controlled or interact. One of the most common task, for example, is to capture all mouse clicks on hyperlinks in the page. For referrence, the MSDN article discribed the basic idea of receiving webpage object events, but not so clear in detail. Alternatively, there is a CodeProject article provieded another approach, but with some limitations. In this article, a detailed demonstration of how to monitor mouse clicks (especially on hyperlinks) in CHtmlView can be found... (Full Article)

Integrating MathType into Office 2010 Technical Preview

Microsoft Office 2010 (Previously codenamed Office 14) Technical Preview was recently leaked to the web. I think quite a few have tried the new version. Those who often write scientific articles with Word may use the MathType to replace the original Equation Editor shipped with Office. Unfortunately, it seems that MathType provide no support for the Beta version of Office so far. However, Mingliang Dev has just discovered some manual way to integrate MathType into the new Office version.... (Full Article)

Bring your frame window a shadow

Preview of Video analyzing framework demo

- An article on how to make application frame window shadowed. MFC/ATL not required.

On the upcoming Windows Vista, each frame window has a cool shadow by default. Microsoft recently released the new Windows Live Messenger, which has an option to make frame windows of it shadowed. This strongly indicates that there is some way to bring shadows to application windows on operation systems other than Windows Vista. In this article, we try to accomplish this in a way similar to what WLM does... (Full Article)

An easy video processing framework by grabbing frames as bitmaps using DirectShow

Preview of Video analyzing framework demo

- An article showing how to easily but effectively extract all frames from a video as bitmaps.

I recently came upon the task of processing video clips and extracting some features for further analysis. The basic idea was straightforward: just extract each frame of the video into a bitmap and then do whatever I wish to. I did not want to be stuck in the hardness of video decoding. I just wanted to use an existing and easy-to-use framework to extract the frames. That's when DirectShow, the widely used framework, came under consideration... (Full Article)